Difference between PLR/MRR/RR

What is the difference between PLR, MRR and RR?

What differentiates the different types of licenses?

Firstly, let's expand on the acronyms.

PLR = Private Label Rights

MRR = Master Resell Rights

RR = Resell Rights

Before we go ahead, do note that each PLR provider has his/her own set terms for what you can or can't do with their product, so always do your due diligence and read their terms before you buy or plan to do anything to the product.

The information below is based on typical rights you get when you purchase our PLR, MRR, RR products and serves as a general guide.

For a video explanation on the difference between PLR, MRR, and RR, watch the video below:

What is PLR?

With private label rights, you are typically provided with the source files that were used to create the product. Source files are any files which can be edited such as Word docs, software code, text files and perhaps even Camtasia video recordings. 

Private label products can come in many forms, some of the most common include:

  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Software
  • Articles

As an example, when you are given private label rights to an eBook, you are granted access to the original document which was used to create the eBook (usually in a Word Doc format). You are then permitted to edit the eBook in any way you wish and take credit for writing the eBook. In a way, it is like like having a writer write an eBook for you and you take credit for it.

You may then sell the eBook as your own and keep any sales made. This saves you time writing an eBook yourself and eliminates the expense of hiring a writer which could cost hundreds of dollars.

Another way to put PLR is to think of t-shirt manufacturers--they mass produce plain white t-shirts and businesses simply buy the t-shirts and put their brand on it, claiming it as their own.

What is MRR?

With master resell rights, you are NOT given the source files for editing purposes.

You may resell the product and also pass on resell rights to your customers.

However, those customers are then only given "resell rights" so that they are only eligible to sell the personal/read-only rights only.

You cannot pass on the master resell rights. You are the master resell rights holder.

What is RR?

With resell rights, you may resell the product, however, your customers do not have the rights to then resell the product; they may only read/consume the product.

Personal Use Rights

In addition to the rights explained above, there's also "Personal Use Rights" which means read-only. This means you are not granted rights to resell the product.


In essence, most of the PLR products offered at UnstoppablePLR.com can be resold with Master Resell Rights/Resell Rights or Personal Use (read only)  rights.

You cannot pass on the private label rights. This means, you cannot provide the original Word (.DOC) eBook and other Word documents to your customers. It must be converted to a PDF file when reselling.

In addition, you cannot giveaway the source Photoshop (.PSD) files. Only files that are in JPG, GIF or PNG may be provided to your customers.

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