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If for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription to the Unstoppable PLR Membership, you can click the Contact link on the navigation bar.

But before you make the request, we would like to give you a refresher of the benefits of being a valued member because we know life gets in the way and you lose track of everything!

Unstoppable PLR Membership benefits:

  • Receive 4 credits every month which can be used for 2 Premium PLR products or 4 Lite products.
    • Premium PLR products are products that you see here. It also includes its Gold package which contains PLR videos. All up, you're getting 20 components inside each Premium PLR product.
    • Lite PLR products contain 14 modules which are different to Premium packs. Its main difference is the eBook which typically contains about 5,000 words instead of the 8000-12,000 words you get inside a Premium pack.
  • 30 PLR articles per month around 6 hot topics, available for active, paying members only.
  • Access to PLR training
  • Access to the Unstoppable PLR Membership private Facebook Group. 
    • Get answers to your most burning questions around PLR.
    • Get one-on-one help.
    • Connect with other community members.
  • Ability to purchase additional credits at member-only prices, anytime. Non-members cannot purchase additional credits.

You can review the offer at:

If you would like to remain a member, simply do nothing and we will continue to deliver your member perks.

If you would like to proceed with cancelling your membership, please contact us by clicking the 'Contact' link on this page.

To speed up the cancellation, please make sure to provide:

1. Your name.

2. The email address you use to login to the membership.

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